DORSET Council is one of the top ten councils in England for recycling according to new research.

Enviro Homes Renewables ranked councils in England based on the percentage of waste in each council that is sent for reuse, recycling, or composting.

The list was based on the latest data for 2022-23 from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs.

Dorset Council came in ninth place with 59.1 per cent of household waste sent for reuse, recycling, or composting, with around 441.4kg of household waste collected per person. It beat North Somerset Council with 58.9 per cent of the area’s household waste going into recycling.

Topping the list was South Oxfordshire District Council, with 61.6 per cent of all waste recycled.

Three Rivers District Council came in close second place on the list with 61.5 per cent of household waste recycled.

Dorset Council was also recognised by DEFRA as the best unitary authority in country for recycling earlier this year.

Ross Jones, director of Enviro Homes Renewables, said: “While many councils are doing their bit to ensure waste is kept to a minimum, it’s clear from this data that some councils do more than others, especially with the variety of areas that appear on this list as well.

“There are ways individuals can minimise their household waste by a lot, but it's a group effort at the end of the day to ensure that this makes a difference.”