BRITISH Telecom and Open Reach are imposing their 40ft telephone pole monstrosities in the Southbourne areas without any notification to people living in the area or to the BCP Council.

Their excuse is that they want to install overhead fibre optic broadband lines to houses via these ugly and antiquated poles to compete with with modern thinking companies who have already installed underground pipework in the pavements to accommodate any requirement for broadband connections to the houses in the neighbourhood, a far better system.

One merely has to look at the current telephone poles to see that wires from the poles to houses require them to be fixed to the houses and clipped from top to bottom. They are also obviously subjected to deterioration from weather and other external issues.

Other areas in the UK have also been blighted with these poles and apparently MPs have been notified and are understandingly investigating this abuse to the public and the inconsiderate actions by a company to railroad their objectives over any public concerns.

We need MPs and councils to reject these companies agendas and get these eyesore poles which are not necessary removed in towns and cities.

Peter Banks

Seafield Drive,