AN ARGUMENT that erupted between cyclists and a dog walker has been resolved after the police got involved. 

A woman and her daughter were cycling in Meyrick Park, Bournemouth last August when a man and a woman shouted at the young girl for “riding too close to their dog”. 

Police at the time said an argument then broke out and the Bulldog-type dog ‘bit the woman’ on the leg, causing bruising. 

It was reported that the man attempted to hit the victim with a dog lead. 

But now, providing an update to the Echo, a Dorset Police spokesman said the matter has now ended with a community resolution. 

He said: “Following an investigation and liaison with the victim, this matter was resolved by the way of community resolution.” 

A community resolution is an informal process in used to deal with less serious crime and anti-social behaviour where the offender accepts responsibility. 

It is not a conviction and therefore any problems are settled outside of court.