A WOMAN from Poole said she was 'horrified' by the 'absolutely awful' state of the site where her husband's ashes were scattered. 

Jean Holman, from Canford Heath, was married to Mike for 19 years. He passed away suddenly in 2016.

She scattered his ashes at Poole Crematorium in a place known as the Summer Glade.

She anticipated the area would be filled with wildflowers and grass, but instead, she frequently encounters an overgrown expanse of 'knee-high stinging nettles.'

Jean said: "It was supposed to be a beautiful garden of remembrance, but I can't see anything beautiful here. It's just a mess.

"It's horrible because Mike was a sudden death. I didn't know his wishes, and now I am responsible.

"When I spread Mike's ashes, I was told that there were lots of babies here that he could look after.  It's absolutely awful.

"Why would anyone want to lay their mum, husband, or any of their loved ones here?"

The entrance to Poole Crematorium is 'beautiful' with well kept mowed lawns, flowers and plaques which Jean said is 'deceiving'.

She said she has complained at the reception on multiple occasions and said the staff are sympathetic.

However, they gave her a form to fill out, which has never been responded to.

Jean said: "I understand that it is supposed to be wild, but it needs to be maintained.

"I don't just want to moan; I want something done about it."

Jean said she has spoken to several other people with a loved one at Poole Crematorium who are also upset about the unkept site.

Meanwhile, BCP Council placed a sign that reads: "All plastic, vases, ornaments, and any other unauthorised memorials will be removed."

Accessibility was also raised as an issue, as the footbridge to get down to the area where people scatter ashes is broken, and the only other access is down a steep flight of stairs.

A BCP Council spokesperson said: ‘’The designated garden of remembrance, known as The Glades, at Poole Crematorium has been maintained weekly by the bereavement care team.

“Our supportive colleagues within the wider ground’s maintenance team dedicate time monthly to help maintain this area, most recently last week.

“Bereavement staff based at the crematorium are on site Mondays to Fridays, between the hours of 9am – 5pm and are always happy to discuss concerns with visitors.

“Full cuts have been made to the ‘lawn area’, with steady progress being made to ‘The Glades.’ After a particularly wet and sunny season, we are experiencing fast growth.

“The area near ‘The Spinney’, which is dedicated to wildflowers, is not yet in blossom. Until such time, the thriving plant life encourages welcome biodiversity to the site.

“The walkway was regrettably damaged by a natural event, and we are now exploring ways to fund a new structure.”