Bournemouth and Moordown's histories are intertwined, with Moordown existing long before Bournemouth became the bustling seaside resort it is today.

Moordown's story starts as a small collection of houses on the edge of the valley, bordering a vast heathland.

Evidence suggests Moordown might be the oldest continuously settled area now to be part of Bournemouth.

Unearthed artefacts like cremation urns from the Middle Bronze Age hint at early settlements.

Moordown remained a small, rural community for centuries and functioned as a frontier settlement for the village of Westover

Bournemouth was practically non-existent, while Moordown was a well-established village.

As Bournemouth began to develop as a health resort in the 19th century, Moordown remained a quiet, semi-rural area. The contrast was stark: a bustling seaside town versus a quiet community on the outskirts.

Moordown eventually joined the borough of Bournemouth in 1901, becoming a northern suburb.


Despite its integration, Moordown still holds onto its unique identity.

These pictures show Moordown through the years.