POLICE have issued a warning to pet owners after officers rescued a dog from a 'sweltering car'.

PCSO Harold and officers from the Neighbourhood Engagement Team freed the dog from the car during warm weather on Saturday.

In a social media post, Bournemouth Police confirmed the dog was safe, but warned the situation 'could have been tragic'.

The force said: "Important warning from Bournemouth South Police - please keep animals safe.

"With the scorching temperatures we are experiencing, it's critical to remember that leaving animals in a vehicle can be deadly.

"Today, PCSO Harold and the NET team officers rescued a dog trapped in a sweltering car.

"Thanks to that member of the public's quick action, the dog is now safe, but this situation could have been tragic.

"Even a few minutes in a hot car can cause severe harm or even death to pets.

"Let's be responsible and ensure our pets are safe and cool this summer.

"Please raise awareness and prevent such incidents.

"Stay safe and keep your pets protected."