RINGWOOD'S favourite Indian restaurant's new lunch menu offers the same delicious options while giving the right start to your afternoon. 

Celebrating its 43rd year of business in 2024, India Cottage has become a strong favourite of Ringwood residents for its variety of plates and high-quality exotic taste.

Now, for the first time since Covid, the restaurant has decided to offer a specific lunch menu from 12pm-2pm to offer those who want a flavourful bite in the afternoon. 

Described as the 'baby' of India Cottage's host, Sarah Choudhury, she created the menu in the belief that there was a market for it, especially in the summer weather. 

She said: "Before lockdown, India Cottage used to be open in lunchtime but there wasn't much demand for it and we almost felt like were taking business away from coffee shops. 

"I'm from the Indian trade background and I've done my research and felt there's a bit of a demand. There's no other Indian restaurants in the area that open and we always have people phoning up to ask."

While Sarah spoke, an array of food began to appear from poppadoms with a variety of sauces followed by different small dishes chosen by herself. 

Although a new menu, Sarah has not strayed from what is already on offer but has fine-tuned the evening menu. 

Given the taka taka Lamb, kiki maag and orange and ginger chicken, each dish offered a different taste portfolio while not too large to create too full a stomach for the afternoon.

She hopes this may also suit professional lunches and networking events.

Sarah said: "The lunch menu is slightly smaller portions because it's lunch and a little lighter; rich flavours can be quite heavy in the daytime. 

"Taka taka lamb is our most popular dish so we can't not put that on but if people came in and said we just want a chicken tikka masala, we can still do that."

After stepping on board in 2021, Sarah has been to have her voice heard on the menu. 

Marrying restaurant owner Sadeq Mannan in the restaurant's new tuk-tuk garden, she hopes the menu is the start of her helping to build the restaurant's legacy.