BOSCOMBE Pier has become home to a number of rough sleepers as weather in the area begins to get hotter.

Concerns have been raised about people sleeping overnight at the beachfront after people were seen in tents underneath Boscombe Pier and along the front nearby.

While it has been noted by local businesses, none seem too fearful it will affect summer business, but said they have not noticed BCP helping solve the situation. 

A staff member at a business of Boscombe Pier, William Hubball, said: "It's not really affecting us but you know they're there, and I don't really know what the council are doing about it. 

"The owner came the other day and he asked them to do something about it but just haven't done that. 

"It probably does stop some people from coming down to the beach, I don't know if they would be scared but it's inconvenient."

William agreed that with the recent news surrounding Bournemouth beaches which has led to fear around them, he said having homeless people living there doesn't help the local reputation. 

Rich Slater, owner of Sobo Beach, shared a similar sentiment but suggested it makes little sense for rough sleepers to live there due to the exposure to conditions. 

He said: "The seafront is not where most homeless people go because it's very exposed. It's not exactly an ideal place to be if you're homeless; the pier presumably offers some sort of shelter but the vast majority don't go near the seafront at the best of times. 

"Bournemouth does have one of the worst cases of homelessness in the UK which is quite tragic when we are also such an affluent town. There's no need for it."

SOBO Beach has run several homeless charity fundraisers in the past including a rough sleeping event in the bar.

Rich added: "We've got a good reputation as being a safe venue. On Friday night were have a good 300 on the beach doing yoga."

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “Overnight camping is not permitted along our seafront, cliff top areas or parks.

"We do have regular patrol teams who ask campers to move on and in most cases these requests are complied with.

"We will provide support where necessary for homeless individuals and will work with St Mungo’s via the council’s homelessness team.

"We encourage residents to report antisocial behaviour or criminal activity to the police.

If you are worried about someone who is rough sleeping call St Mungo’s on 01202 315962, email b& or report to StreetLink or phone 0300 500 0914.