A SPECIAL educational needs school, with a former AFC Bournemouth chief as its CEO, is to be investigated over allegations of pupils suffering abuse by staff.

An undercover reporter for BBC’s Panorama programme captured disturbing footage of staff at LIFE Wirral school in Wallasey mocking children’s disabilities, manhandling pupils and using homophobic language.

In one excerpt of the video the reporter is seen talking to the school's CEO, Alastair Saverimutto, who described to her how he had used a police-style restraint on a pupil.

Mr Saverimutto said he had been nicknamed 'The Savage' during his time as a special constable for Merseyside Police, because he was “the first in to all the trouble”.

He said the child had ignored a ten-second warning and, when the boy failed to calm down, he had “[expletive] nailed him”.

In a statement sent to the BBC, Mr Saverimutto said he “does not condone the behaviour revealed by the programme and five members of staff have been suspended”.

The Department for Education told the BBC that “all pupils have now been removed from the school.”

Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council are investigating and Merseyside Police has been alerted.