A TEACHER at a Parley school surprised his pupils by bringing his Ecto-one Ghostbusters car into school as an end-of-year treat.

Austyn Brown, a teacher at Parley First School, parked his replica 1963 Cadillac Superior Ecto-one Ghostbuster car in the playground to surprise children as an end-of-year treat. 

Obsessed with Ghostbusters, the car is an exact replica of the car from the 1984 film that starred Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd and took Austyn a decade to adapt. 

He said: “I started collecting pieces for the car a decade ago and brought this over from America four years ago.

“Everything is as accurate as I can make it and some of the parts were extremely difficult to find.

“The children have been brilliant this year so as a treat I brought it into school and every class came and had a look around it.

“I was surprised how many were aware of the original film, especially considering that many of their parents weren’t born when it was released."

Austyn impressed pupils when he also shared that he was an extra in the new Ghostbusters franchise film, Frozen Empire. 

Parley First School headteacher, John Bagwell has said it will be a day 'that children won't forget for a while'.