Kings Park in Bournemouth boasts a rather short but interesting history tied to British royalty.

We recently explored the history of Queen’s Park and now turn our attention to King’s Park.

Kings Park, located in Boscombe, borders Bournemouth East Cemetery where guided walks often take place to highlight the interesting burials.

(Image: Echo)

In 1902, the coronation of King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra of Denmark was originally planned for June 26th.

To commemorate the occasion, Bournemouth Council decided to rename a common area, "Common No 59," as King's Par on May 20th, 1902.

(Image: Echo)

Common No 60 was named Queen’s Park.

King Edward VII's coronation was postponed due to an appendectomy on June 25. The ceremony eventually happened in August of that year.

So, Kings Park's name is a permanent reminder of a coronation that almost happened in June.