A NEW hairdresser offering an environmentally friendly approach has opened in Westbourne.

Jade Chapman owns the Jade Chapman Collection, a hair and beauty salon in Westbourne.

The salon officially welcomed customers on June 1.

Jade Chapman Collection is open to both men and women and offers a variety of services including extensions, keratin, weddings and more.

(Image: Bournemouth Echo)

Jade said: “I absolutely love the Westbourne community. When this shop became available, it was a no-brainer, and what a fantastic street to be on.

"I wanted to create kind of an environment that was safe for my clients to come to. They feel really relaxed and kind of happy to come along here and still receive such great service."

Jade added: “I've worked in really high-end salons. I've come from kind of high-end training, and then every salon that I kind of explored after that and developed after that was always at the top of their league.

"I'm proud to have worked in the salons that I've worked in."

Jade also takes a more eco stance at her salon by recycling clients' hair into sustainable resources.

She added: “Rather than just chucking away people's hair, we're using old hair clippings in recycled colour boxes and they're actually really good for your plants at home.

“If you were to put hair clippings on top of your plant, underneath your plant, it actually sucks out any excess water and releases it back into the plant to get the nutrition that it needs. 

“It's just another way of recycling, keeping the environment a bit more green and adding a bit of sustainability to the salon as well.

"Also, if you buy shampoo from us, we are going to refill it for you at a cheaper cost if you bring your plastic bottle back in."

Jade also has big plans to expand the basement of the studio into a beauty and aesthetics studio including a nail studio and wellness room.

Jade Chapman Collection can be found in Queens Road, Westbourne.