A NEW all-female tattoo café serving vegan delicacies and a friendly atmosphere has opened in Poole.

Adorned Tattoo Studio has been a staple of Ashley Cross for 14 years, owned by Alex Hennerley and Jack Irving.

Now, the large tattoo studio has been converted into a smaller studio with a coffee shop.

(Image: Bournemouth Echo)

Alex said: “There's seven of us in the tattoo studio and two in the coffee shop, we’re all like one big family here.

“It's been nice actually meeting people from the local community that we wouldn't have normally had that interaction with before.

“We've just had so much great feedback about what a lovely creative environment.”

Speaking on the success of the café, Alex added: “We've had customers that very often bring a friend in with them, and they have somewhere to sort of sit and have a coffee now rather than do a little discount for tattoo customers.

“What we found quite nice is that we've had people come in that have been a bit nervous about coming into a tattoo studio, finally have the confidence because they can come in as a coffee shop client and sort of scope it out and actually see actually how nice and welcoming it is.

“It's taken away that apprehension about the tattoo side and then they've actually ended up booking in for tattoos."

Alex and Jack also revealed their plans for the café to become a community hub.

Alex added: “Once we’ve found our feet with the café, we’re going to start doing fortnightly arts and craft sessions.

“We've had lots of lovely feedback over the years and so people have been really supportive of us now having the coffee shop as well.”

Lara, manager of the new café, said: “It's going really well, everyone's made really positive comments about the café and loves the vegan treats we have to offer.”

“We had a lovely elderly couple that came for a first date the other day, that was really sweet.”

Adorned Café and Tattoo Studio is at 137a Commercial Road, Parkstone.