Planning on making some home improvements to your property?

Check out some of the most professional home improvement providers in Dorset. Whether you need of some brand-new fencing or a new garage door, these companies will take care of your every need.

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Dorset Fence

Based in Christchurch and serving Dorset and the New Forest, Dorset Fence is dedicated to using only the highest quality materials and providing exceptional craftsmanship.

Specialising in residential properties, Dorset Fence offers a comprehensive range of fencing, gates, trellises, and decking, all expertly supplied and installed. Dorset Fence also offers tree and hedge removal services when needed.

From a single fence panel to a complete fence installation, Dorset Fence can handle it all.

Fully insured and over 25 years of experience, Dorset Fence ensures your fencing project is managed by professionals.

Enhance your property's curb appeal with our stylish and durable fencing solutions.

For more information about our fencing services in Bournemouth and the surrounding areas, contact Dorset Fence today for your free no-obligation quote.

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Elfs Property Maintenance

Elfs Property Maintenance, based in Swanage, operates throughout Dorset, providing services from painting and decorating to replacing gutters and fascias. One essential yet often overlooked service is roof cleaning, crucial for maintaining your home's condition.

A clean roof not only enhances your home's appearance but also extends its lifespan and prevents costly repairs. Here are some key benefits:

Remove Debris and Leaves
Regular roof cleaning eliminates debris and leaves that can clog gutters and downspouts. Blocked gutters can't drain water properly, potentially causing water damage.

Prevent Moss and Algae Growth
Moss and algae might seem harmless, but they can cause significant damage by trapping moisture against your roof, leading to rot and leaks. Additionally, their growth can make your home look older and neglected.

Improve Curb Appeal
A clean roof greatly enhances your home's curb appeal. Whether you plan to sell or simply want your home to look its best, a clean roof is a big plus.

Extend the Life of Your Roof
Regular cleaning helps extend your roof's lifespan by preventing leaks and other issues. Early detection of problems through cleaning can prevent them from becoming major repairs.

Save Money
By preventing expensive repairs, routine roof cleaning can save you money. A well-maintained roof is less likely to develop serious issues, and addressing minor problems early reduces repair costs.

Call Elf property maintenance for you no obligation quotation and save money today.

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Mobile: 0800 6335988

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Creative Paving

When enhancing your home's exterior, a well-constructed driveway is essential.

Creative Paving based in Highcliffe Dorset, a family-run business, boasts 30 years of experience. Our deep knowledge and hands-on expertise in driveways, patios, and hard landscaping ensure high-quality results.

We are approved installers for Brett and Tobermore, leading manufacturers of paving materials.  This recognition, requiring high standards of skill, guarantees quality workmanship and durable materials.

We uphold industry standards and stay updated with the latest techniques and best practices. From design to completion, we offer block paving, slabbing, fencing, lawns, artificial lawns, drainage repairs, shingle and decorative aggregates, pergolas, and arbours. Our extensive material knowledge helps you choose the best options for your home.

Our portfolio includes projects for The Royal Bournemouth Hospital, Ringwood Town Council, local schools, and property developers, showcasing our ability to deliver high-quality work. We balance competitive pricing with uncompromising quality, ensuring top-notch craftsmanship for your driveway and landscaping projects.

Choosing an approved tradesman like Creative Paving guarantees high-quality workmanship, durable materials, and peace of mind. With our experience, recognized skills, and commitment to excellence, we are your trusted partner for all paving and hard landscaping needs.

Contact Creative Paving today to transform your driveway into a stunning home feature.

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Tel: 01425 278408

Mobile: 07785 798760

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Forest Garage Doors & Windows

Forest Garage Doors & Windows, based in Ringwood, offers a comprehensive range of high-end window, door, garage door, and bi-fold solutions. Our commitment to prioritizing our customers' needs sets us apart.

A significant portion of our clientele comes through referrals, highlighting our dedication to getting it right the first time. This philosophy, combined with collaborative teamwork, makes Forest Garage Doors & Windows the go-to destination for your door, window, or garage installation needs.

We specialize in supplying and installing an extensive range of premium garage doors, including steel, timber, and GRP options, as well as roller, sectional, and side-hung varieties. By partnering with leading UK manufacturers, we ensure our clients receive only the best. Seamless installation is as crucial as the quality of our products, and we prioritize both equally.

In addition to garage doors, we offer professional window replacement services. Our range of stylish, double-glazed, and energy-efficient window systems enhance your home's appearance and performance, featuring high-gloss finishes, slim sightlines, and top thermal and acoustic performance.

As bifold and multi-doors gain popularity, we assist in selecting the ideal solution for your home. Trust Forest Garage Doors & Windows for unmatched quality and customer service in enhancing your home's aesthetics and functionality.

Choose from four alternative designs with clear glazing and chrome furniture, all fully finished for £699! Yes, you read it right, £699! We are also bringing back our GRP Composite Door offer—five styles and 14 colours, fully finished for £999! Fancy both? Save an additional £50 when purchasing both doors.

Contact us today to transform your space with Forest Garage Doors & Windows.

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