Excitement was in the air as a wild sporting event made its comeback at Poole Park.

Participants braced themselves for the ultimate challenge of consuming thirty-six cakes and chugging five gallons of authentic ale on June 26, 2024.

Prior to indulging in the feast, participants of the Poole Park Challenge engaged in quirky competitions against each other, including three-a-side egg and spoon football, four-legged racing, and running two laps around the park lake.

At the helm of the whimsical affair was the orchestrator Mike Plummer, a typically level-headed council member from Poole, who spearheaded the initiative to support five local children with disabilities through the fundraising event.

In the competition that year, participants faced a series of gruelling tasks.

(Image: Echo)

They had to conquer a 600kg bench press, lifting the weight in increments of either 20 or 25 kilos, run 4km around the lake, and carry a steel pole 200m.

In an unconventional cricket match, three teams took turns fielding while one team batted. The game was filled with quirky elements, such as using traffic cones as stumps and sand spades as bats.

(Image: Echo)

Adding to the challenge, the bowler had the freedom to approach from any angle on the field.

In the midst of the spectators gathered to revel in the festivities, a group of young individuals were those who benefited from the funds collected.