‘PILES of dog poo are posing a health hazard’ for users of a Bournemouth park.

That is the view of one resident who has noticed a growing number of dog poo sacks dumped at Oakmead Green, in the West Howe area.

Jon, 45, recalled the green once having two dog poo bins in the park, but said one was removed "about 18 months ago", while the other was removed more recently.

He said dog walkers have turned to dumping the poo sacks on the floor, or hanging them on the poles where the bins were once attached.

Jon said: "There's a lot of people with dogs around here who exercise their dogs there, and its a major cut through for children to get to school."

“It was leading to piles of dog poo building up next to the path the kids use. I'd be keen to see this investigated as the council appear to be causing a health hazard.” Jon said.

He added there was a "rolling of eyes" among residents about the issue.

Jon noted that Oakmead Green was also without any general waste bins, and fears the littering could go beyond the dog poo sacks.

He said: “I know kids can try and be tidy, but there’s a whole green, and there’s nowhere to put any rubbish.

“It’s not horrendous yet, but I think there’s quite a few kids out of school with the exam period, so there’s less rubbish being dropped.”

Speaking to the Daily Echo on Wednesday, Jon said he thought BCP Council had visited the green as a black bin bag had been placed there for litter.

A spokesperson for the local authority confirmed: “Two dog bins at Oakmead Gardens have recently been removed for safety reasons.

"We are in discussions to replace the two bins with one larger mixed waste style bin but in the meantime, we have provided an alternative waste bag for residents to use which is currently being emptied twice a week.”