WHEN I read the Echo news item mentioning that Bournemouth has a very high rate of car crime, I wasn’t surprised.

Anyone walking the streets in Knyveton Road, Derby Road or Spencer Road (or indeed any of the other streets in the area) can’t fail to notice the broken vehicle side window glass fragments strewn on the pavements and roads.

The break-in thief/thieves are constantly breaking into cars during the day and night…the evidence is everywhere to be seen. I often warn car owners that they are parking in a high risk area!

My local councillor was shocked when she saw for herself how extensive the evidence of criminal activity is and the Police were again updated on the problem.

Car break-ins are becoming so frequent in this part of Bournemouth that I now think the council should erect notices specifically warning those motorists who park their cars and then walk to Bournemouth railway station what they could find on their return!

We need more bobbies on the beat and even more CCTV cameras now please.

Dr Rob Mannion

Spencer Road,