THE head of engineering at BCP Council has issued an update on the Twin Sails Bridge closure.

The lifting bridge across Holes Bay in Poole was expected to reopen on May 19 but further issues were discovered, delaying the reopening date.

Now, a second use of transport to Hamworthy, Poole Lifting Bridge is being used in its place, with fewer lifts occurring to help with the increase of traffic.

Rhys Bright, head of engineering at BCP Council, said: "Investigation and remedial works are continuing on Twin Sails Bridge. Further works are required over the next few weeks and our teams continue to work hard to get it operational as soon as possible.

"We now anticipate that the bridge will remain in the raised position with the road closed to all traffic until July.

"The lifting timetable for Poole Bridge has been reviewed with the Harbour Commissioner and other stakeholders with fewer lifts taking place to reduce the impact on traffic, and the traffic signals on Blandford Road have been adjusted to best allow flow on the main road."

According to One Network, the bridge is set to reopen on July 14. 

The £37m Twin Sails Bridge has been closed since 4.30pm on Friday, May 17.