A WOMAN is running classes in Bournemouth that could be potentially lifesaving for dogs.

Tori Gilmore, from Hampshire, owns Home Hounds Pet Business Coaching, an independent company dedicated to teaching dog CPR.  

Tori will be bringing her words of wisdom down to Bournemouth at a venue yet to be announced for a CPR class on August 11 later this year.

Tori said: “I'm in Southampton, but we are everywhere. A lot of it is online, so we can cover the whole country.

“I've recently introduced my canine first aid courses which are all CPD accredited.

“So I’m going to be covering the south coast, but they're also online as well."

Tori added: “We find that a lot of people do prefer the face-to-face courses because they can have the practical experience.

“They can have a go on our dummy first aid dog. They can also have a go with bandaging. We've got some stuffed dogs that we bring to the course so that people can have a go and experience.

“I'm putting together a wide range of short online courses, bite-size and easy to listen to whether you're on the sofa, in the car, or walking the dog.”

For more information, visit the Home Hounds Pet Business Coaching website.