PARENTS have reacted in anger after it was announced that an all-through school is set to close.

As reported, Parkfield School announced last week that it had proposed to the Department for Education to close the school ‘by mutual consent’.

This would mean that every pupil, other than those heading into Year 11, would leave the school at the end of term, in July, just weeks away.

Parents of students at the school have expressed their anger and frustration at the decision, especially so near to the end of term, with uncertainty over where their children will be placed for the next academic year.

Laura Fullock has three children at the school.

She said she and other parents are ‘disgusted’ at the decision made by the Reach South Academy Trust.

However, Laura praised the school itself and its staff.

“I want to praise the school and their brilliant teachers, my children will be very sad to leave, they have been there from the beginning at the Hurn site and what a wonderful place it started out as,” she said.

Another parent, who wished to remain anonymous, said the news had thrown his daughter’s life upside down.

The parent said his daughter had been at the school since reception, giving credit to the staff for their work at the school in ‘difficult circumstances’.

“She is top of her year in most subjects and an amazing little person,” the parent said.

“This in part is thanks to Parkfield and the whole school community. The staff have always been striving to create a great school and we and our daughter think they always succeeded despite extra pressure and difficult circumstances.

“The school will be sorely missed but from a personal perspective our daughter will lose her friends both students and staff that she has spent the last several years with.

“The trust has made a dire decision that will have consequences for the students that will echo for years to come.

“We just hope staff and students find a path as good as Parkfield in future.”