Although Bournemouth is considered a relatively new town, Queen’s Park’s history spans centuries.

The land was once part of a vast heathland stretching from Dorchester to the New Forest.

In 1802, an act privatised much of this common land, with Queen's Park being designated as "Plot 60" under the Christchurch Inclosure Act.

To celebrate the planned coronation of King Edward VII and his Danish wife, Queen Alexandra, Bournemouth Council renamed the plot in 1902.

"Common No. 59" became "King's Park," while "Plot 60" was named "Queen's Park." Interestingly, the coronation was postponed due to the King's illness.

Though Edward VII only officially visited Bournemouth twice, rumours swirled about him being a frequent visitor to see actress Lillie Langtry. Some speculate this unofficial connection may even have influenced the park's name.

Since then, Queen's Park has become a beloved green space for Bournemouth residents.

The Queen's Park Golf Course, established in 1905, became a renowned course, hosting prestigious tournaments and challenging golfers like Seve Ballesteros.