THE recent article regarding the office block and the announcement by the town planner for the development by VCRE, is almost beyond belief, the total lack of competence in providing a sensible use is totally unacceptable.

How is it assumed that all those people potentially occupying the apartments will either be able to cycle or use public transport. The adjoining multi storey car park will one assumes be demolished to allow more development .

With regard to the pitiful donation to the NHS, and the continued run down of facilities at Poole Hospital, we are again witnessing the complete disregard by both government and councils of the need for extra health care and improved infrastructure, this should always be funded at the outset by the developer and local authority as a national requisite.

With local building, Wimborne, Corfe Mullen, and Poole now exceeding 2000 homes, how much more can the local infrastructure support without substantial investment, Dorset I believe is being pushed to the limit, the county for instance still is without a motorway or good quality roads.


Corfe Mullen