A NEW burger restaurant will giveaway free burgers to the first 100 customers. 

Burgshake, a fast-food burger restaurant chain, will open its third branch in Winton in Wimborne Road opposite Domino's on June 21 and will offer 100 free burgers to its first customers alongside 50 per cent off all day. 

Based in Southampton, alongside owning a restaurant in Lancaster, Burgshake offers a range of smash burgers, chicken burgers milkshakes, wraps, and loaded and dirty fries.

It said it chose Bournemouth due to nothing in the same market being offered. 

Abdel Ahad, operations manager, said: "As you can imagine when we're down in Southampton, on a sunny day, we take a trip to Bournemouth and we've struggled to find somewhere decent to eat. 

"Nobody's actually doing what we're doing in that neck of the woods and logistically, it's manageable because it's not far from our head branch in Southampton.

"We found Winton to be a place where it's lively, you're not too far out from the university so it's kind of a hotspot and we thought we could bring something niche and new to the area."

Asked what Abdel would order on the menu, he said the burg-her but warned it's not for the faint-hearted due to its spicy kick.

The chicken is dipped in a spicy sauce from Manchester before being served with cheese, lettuce and gherkins in a glazed bun. 

Abdel said: "There's hype in Manchester where they do something called a dipped burger in a spicy sauce. It's not for the fainthearted, it's for people who like a spicy chicken burger so we're bringing that to town which is completely new for Dorset. 

"Our USP is mainly smash burgers it's the kind of meat and the way we season it which sets us apart from any other burger places. I think the burger game has changed since it started smashing burgers instead of having your typical cheeseburgers."

Excited to open, the restaurant will have a 25-seater dining area with Abdel hoping it will entice Bournemouth residents to have a taste.