A PILATES instructor aiming to making a difference for people with chronic illness’ is the Daily Echo’s Trader of the Week.

Lucy Munson, 25, founder of Move with Lu, said it is her passion to help others after living with her own chronic illness.

Lucy has been living with an undiagnosed condition that disrupts her autonomic nervous system since she was a child and in 2018 she turned to pilates for help.

(Image: Lucy Munson)

“I found it was the only exercise that I enjoyed and felt like I could do even when I wasn’t feeling great,” said Lucy.

She added she has learnt how to better take care of her body by slowly building up her fitness, which she thought was not possible before.

“I became someone who was fit enough to walk the south west coastal path and swim 750m in a triathlon relay.

“I thank pilates for that, and now I wish to show so many more people the difference that pilates and movement can make to your life.”

When the Covid pandemic hit, Lucy left her job as a barista and decided to train as a pilates instructor.

“I thought I could make a difference to people if I could feel better from doing it.”

After launching Move with Lu in 2022, Lucy now offers a range of classes from 1-2-1s, PoTs pilates to beach sessions.

“I would like to keep working on my qualifications to help people with neurological disorders, with any sort of chronic illness, as I think it is really beneficial to them and the general public.”

Lucy said her course provider teaches a variety of classes including breast cancer, Parkinson’s and osteoporosis.

She added she often has clients compare her classes to physio and said some of the movements in pilates are similar.

“The business is going really well.

“I get a lot of support from my regular clients who come back each week because they like they way I teach and the way I talk through things, which is really nice to hear.”

Lucy said even in her group classes she aims to help individuals by adapting exercises for those with injuries.

The early-morning beach sessions are also proving popular, with the classes of 12 taking place each Friday at 7am on Branksome Beach.