A PUB near Lytchett Matravers that was put to auction and has been saved by a couple is our Pub of the Week.

The Cock and Bottle Pub, Morden, has reopened just over a year after it announced the closure in May 2023 saved at auction by married couple Janette and Ray Tubb. 

Bought for £402,000, it's the first pub Janette and Ray have owned but not their first business in the area previously owning the wine bar in Wareham and The Barn Café in Lychett Matravers, which is now owned by their son. 

Janette said: "We bought it at an auction last October and it was terrible when we first had it. It took three months to make the liveable and we came downstairs and got the pub down and we finished the kitchen which was disgusting. 

"It was just dirty, how the hell it was over five stars I'll never know but the equipment was gross and we had to throw out fridges and ovens and grills and buy all new."

The couple completely redecorated the pub themselves to make it to the standard wanted with much thought into the painting and style of the pub. 

After reopening in June, Janette has said it is still yet to find its feet properly but she has noticed residents returning to the pub with an opening party held with free food

She said: "The locals have been coming it and we're getting to know them but we're having to start from scratch.

"We had a practice with friends and family and we didn't charge anyone so we just said, if you don't like the food, you can't complain because it's free but it was a good practice run and everyone enjoyed it.

"The mussels so far have been really popular which has surprised me because I don't like them."

Alongside Ray and Janette is their chef, Tom Goddard, who has come on to the team to help build a brand new menu from locally sourced items. 

The pub has said it is looking for another chef to join the team.