IT’S official – Dorset is home to Britain's best sauna practitioner after a Sandbanks-based instructor took the crown at an awards. 

Jane Witt, the UK’s first thermalist instructor based at The Saltwater Sauna, has been awarded the ‘best sauna practitioner’ at the British Sauna Awards.  

The 47-year-old won the highly sought-after award as a result of both the number of nominations she received from customers, but also the glowing testimonies from clients.  

The Saltwater Sauna also won the top industry award for design.  

Hundreds of industry professionals attended the glamorous awards ceremony, which ended with a rooftop sauna party overlooking London with DJ Rob da Bank.

(Image: Arran Kenny)

Former lieutenant colonel in the Royal Corps of Signals Jane said: “Winning this award means everything to me. As the first thermalist instructor in the UK, I fully invest in every individual sauna ritual I provide. 

“For me, it’s down to the intricate details of my rituals: using a combination of using nature and natural products, providing clients with my in-depth of knowledge in hot and cold therapies, guiding them through the process while explaining the benefits of sauna whilst creating magical moments through breath, meditation, aromas, leaf-whisking and body and skin treatments and all with a sense of fun and good humour.  

“It is a magical, transformative experience for my clients, which is why they keep coming back for more.” 

As a thermalist practitioner, Jane provides natural ways to help combat many of the inflammatory lifestyle diseases so prevalent today.  

A growing number of studies have shown regular sauna use is associated with reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and Alzheimers as well as lowering blood pressure and reducing cholesterol. 

She added: “Studies are being released all the time to show how powerful the effects of contrast therapies (hot and cold) are for both our physical and mental wellbeing. 

“The latest ground-breaking research shows that heat therapy may be more effective than cold exposure for people with depression. 

“It reflects what I see every day and is proof that you can heat yourself happy.” 

Saltwater Sauna is expanding its current set up at Sandbanks in Autumn 2024, with an extension to the current site and the establishment of two new saunas with changing rooms on Avon Beach in Christchurch

In addition, The Saltwater Sauna has submitted plans to replace a derelict structure with an eight-person luxury sauna, right on the cove at Lulworth.