RESCUERS were scrambled to save a diver who injured himself while out in Poole Bay. 

The diver, named as Luke by Poole Coastguard, had suffered a decompressed injury while out in the waters on Sunday afternoon, June 9. 

A decompressed injury is when nitrogen is dissolved in the blood and tissues by high pressure, which then forms bubbles as pressure decreases. 

It can be potentially life threatening. 

Poole Coastguard and Southbourne Coastguard were both sent out to rescue the man, as well as a rescue helicopter that landed in Poole Park. 

A spokesman from Poole Coastguard said: ““Most of the time we don't really receive any information or update on the individual or casualties once we are stood down/released from the incident.  

“All the team at Poole and also members of the Southbourne Coastguard team that we requested to assist us at the helicopter landing site at Whitecliff, wish Luke all the best and after a bit of time out of the water, hope he returns to his scuba diving.”