TRESPASSERS have caused damage to a derelict building site in Poole.

Police received a report of young adults trespassing and damaging the site in the Parkstone area on the evening of Wednesday, June 5.

Officers from the Poole Neighbourhood Policing Team (NPT) attended the scene and were able to track down the perpetrators and take their details.

Poole NPT said its officers will be liaising and working in collaboration with the BCP antisocial behaviour team to 'ensure early intervention and diversion of future behaviours'.

Officers at the site in ParkstoneOfficers at the site in Parkstone (Image: Poole Police)

Following the incident, Poole Police wrote on social media: “The site is a large derelict building area that has been fenced off to prevent access.

"There are numerous safety concerns which could result in serious injury such as broken glass, loose wiring and unstable flooring.

“Parents – if you know your children are visiting derelict sites, this must stop as their safety is paramount.”