A SHED which has a distinctive owl on its roof was found dumped on a road.

The shed has been dumped on Arrowsmith Road, near an entrance to Canford Heath Nature Reserve.

Among the pieces of the shed, which has been torn apart, is a box which is labelled 'Sarah's precious bits' and a green striped sheet. 

Gary Sollis, who shared the fly-tip on Facebook, said: "We work here for the council and it's an entrance point to our site so it wasn't blocking our way as such but it is a regular hotspot for fly-tipping. 

"The only reason I posted it to Facebook is because I thought it was quite distinctive and I absolutely hate fly-tipping."

The shed is made recognisable by an owl ornament which looks to have belonged on the top of the shed. 

Gary hoped someone might notice it and be able to help remove it from the site. 

He said: "I just hope that being so distinctive that someone might recognise it.

"They might not have been the person obviously that dumped it, but they have paid a contractor or someone to take it away and they disposed of it illegally.

"I haven't got round to contacting the council but they could be aware of it to be honest because they're frequently down that road. They know that site quite well but I haven't been in touch with them yet. 

Gary said he first noticed the shed on June 3 and said he is unsure if it is still there, having not visited the site since he first noticed it. 

Canford Heath Nature Reserve is a designated SSSI site which is carefully managed to protect the wildlife within it. 

Metres away from the reserve, Arrowsmith Road is often subject to fly-tipping according to Gary. 

A spokesperson for BCP Council said: “The fly tipping on Arrowsmith Road was reported to us on 4 June.

"Once our waste enforcement team has investigated, it’ll be sent to our Street Scene team to handle the removal.”