MORE than 66,000 notice of intended prosecution (NIP) tickets were issued for drivers caught speeding in Dorset last year. 

Of the 66,391 offences caught, 21,960 were caught from a fixed speed camera rather than a mobile speed camera van, a Freedom of Information request has revealed. 

In total, 29,239 vehicles and motorbikes were caught speeding in a 30mph area, 8,437 in a 40mph area and 25,103 in a 50mph area. 

Meanwhile, 830 vehicles were caught speeding above 60mph and 1,782 were found above 70mph. 

More recently, Dorset Police bought 12 new auto speed watch cameras for the county. They work in the same way community speed watch volunteers do and send a warning letter to the speeders.  

However, like those caught by community speed watch volunteers, if the vehicle is caught a second time speeding, the driver will face official police action. 

Last year, the police revoked 884 offences clocked by the average speed cameras on the A338 southbound between Blackwater junction and the Cooper Dean roundabout. 

Dorset Police said the fault affected drivers who were travelling on the stretch of the Spur Road between November 7 and December 16.