A BOURNEMOUTH strip club has applied for a new 12-month premises licence.

Operators of Wiggle in Old Christchurch Road, Wellhot Limited, have applied for the renewal of a sexual entertainment venue licence to continue its business for a further 12 months in the building. 

The renewal was brought forward to BCP Council's licencing sub-committee on June 5 with a decision set to be made in the days following. 

Bournemouth resident Susan Stockwell attended the meeting to object to plans to renew the licence and asked the committee to 'consider Bournemouth'.

She said: "Think of Bournemouth, think of the effect of three strip clubs in close proximity to each other is having to the centre of Bournemouth in contrast to the areas surrounding which are thriving."

The sub-committee recognised the club had not breached any licensing laws in its last 12 months and had received no complaints either.

Taran Ojla, general manager of Wiggle, challenged Ms Stockwell asking what her 'personal crusade' is against the club. 

Mr Ojla said: "It seems rather a personal crusade as a single individual. Of course, the public is entitled to raise objections, however, you seem to have a very well-vested interest against us at Weymouth, Southampton, and Bournemouth to use the public resources.

"Do you feel it is a necessary expenditure of these resources to bring us to committee every single year?"

Ms Stockwell has previously objected against licence renewals for several strip clubs in the area which includes For Your Eyes Only, in Old Christchurch Road, on November 2023. 

In an email to the Echo, Ms Stockwell complained schoolchildren have to walk past the strip club during opening hours and that "sexual frustration is fuelling violent crime in Bournemouth". 

She said: "Sexual frustration is fuelling violent crime in Bournemouth both against women and between men, who seem to descend to the level of rutting stags after experiencing this type of entertainment.

"The premises have children piling out past it at school end time, and the only bus stop for the Citrus Building is just outside it, so that anyone using it to get an earlier start will encounter the club's customers at closing time."