SATURDAY1st June, sunny day, and Durley beach and prom busy.

Four of the seveb toilets are closed "for maintenance".

The "old" toilet block was huge, over 20 toilets, and there were never queues.

As with good things in BCP, it was demolished for the awful Environmental Hub.

Even with all seven toilets open there are queues, and often no toilet paper. No maintenance team there.

Sunday 2nd June. Another lovely day. Still four of seven toilets closed - 60 per cent - again no -one repairing them.

Does no-one in the whole of BCP, from Mr Farrant and Vikki Slade downwards care at all about the residents and visitors having basic facilities?

Enjoy seven miles of golden sands but bring your own loo.

Any reply BCP?

Keith Hill

Alyth Road,