SOUTH Coast Jet Ski offers the chance to see the stunning sights of the Jurassic Coast from the water – here’s why it’s a must do this summer.

If like me, you’re used to water sports being a luxury saved for holidays, you may not have considered setting off on a jet ski tour from your hometown.

But after a trip out with South Coast Jet Ski, I realised you could have just as much fun, if not more, here on the South Coast.

South Coast Jet Ski is a family-run water sports company which operates from Baiter Park in Poole.

It offers 90-minute jet ski tours for groups of up to six people, and has continued to attract hauls of tourists as well as local families and children.

Keen to kickstart June with some excitement, I booked a tour for the first Monday of the month, choosing to go double rider so I could bring along my partner.

On arrival to Baiter Park, we were greeted by friendly-faced instructor Rich Dugard, who promptly got us kitted out with wetsuits and life jackets.

Bournemouth Echo: The tour takes you to see Old Harry RocksThe tour takes you to see Old Harry Rocks (Image: NQ)

After signing waiver forms, we were ready to hit the water.

We got seated on the ski, with my partner as driver, and Rich went through everything we needed to know about driving the watercraft, confidently answering any questions we had.

He assured us that the jet skis were extremely buoyant, making it almost impossible to flip and come off.

We were also pointed to a small compartment in the ski where we could stash our belongings and phones to keep them dry.

Rich then took us on an extensive tour past Brownsea Island, Sandbanks, Studland Bay, and one of the most famous landmarks on the South Coast, Old Harry Rocks.

He would bring the skis to a stop at each landmark, allowing us to take pictures and appreciate the stunning sights.

We also spent time admiring the jaw-dropping waterfront mansions in Sandbanks, while thinking, ‘Oh, how the other half live!’

But seeing Old Harry Rocks towering above us from the water was by far the highlight. The tall tower-like chalk formations are some of the most dramatic features along the coastline, and are home to wildlife such as seals and seabirds.

Rich said the jet ski tours sometimes come across dolphins, but we weren’t so lucky this time.

Bournemouth Echo: Rich Dugard stopping the tour off at Old Harry RocksRich Dugard stopping the tour off at Old Harry Rocks (Image: NQ)

But while there were opportunities to float and take in the sights of the South Coast, there was also time to hit the throttle and experience an adrenaline rush.

Rich was not lying about the skis being ultra buoyant; even travelling at high speed they felt extremely smooth on the water, and stable at every turn.

We had, in total, about 70 minutes zipping around, with chances for us to swap drivers half-way through.

This was more than enough time, and it was clear Rich was trying to maximise our time to give us the best experience possible.

I’d also encourage people to not be put off from booking a tour because of bad weather; we had an overcast day but this posed no problems for us.

If anything, it benefited our tour, because we did not get the crowds of boats, kayakers and paddle boarders that the sun brings, giving us more freedom and space to pick up speed.

Sure, clear blue skies would be ideal, but it’s England!

Bournemouth Echo: South Coast Jet Ski

My tour with South Coast Jet Ski was the perfect mix of adrenaline and sightseeing, led by a friendly and knowledgeable instructor, fronting an established and reliable company.

It can be easy to forget what you have on your doorstep, but the tour reminded me why I love living along the south coast.

But whether you’re a local like me, or a holiday maker visiting the area, a tour with South Coast Jet Ski is a must do this summer.

It also doesn't matter if you're an experienced jet skier who wants to ride solo, or a complete newbie who would prefer being with another person - the tours cater for all.

For more information about South Coast Jet Ski or to book a tour, visit