If there is one constant in the life of Dexys and Kevin Roland it is their constant drive for change.

The band have moved from donkey jackets to today’s flamboyant style via dungarees and formal suits but no matter the look the music remains a triumph.

Every original song reflects the personal journeys taken by Kevin and the band and every cover is made their own such as the wonderful Grazing In The Grass which we were treated to tonight.

Tonight’s gig opened as Kevin recreated the video for To Love Somebody as he appeared at the back of the venue and walked through the crowd before taking to the stage to join the rest of the band.

The stage set-up was pretty minimal which rightfully put the entire focus on the band and the music which is perfect when that band is Dexys and the music includes Tell Me When My Light Turns Green which put in an appearance early in the set list.

I do love the vast majority of Dexys output over the last thirty odd years but will admit to having a particular love for anything from the first two albums Searching For The Young Soul Rebels and Too-Rye-Ay so the evening could not have been any better for me.

I have seen Dexy’s live a number of times over the years and have left gigs feeling bemused, elated and everything in between.

Tonight was maybe the best I have seen them with the perfect mix of songs from their whole catalogue.

The crew at the back on sound and lights had the balance just right, the band were each individually excellent and Kevin Rowlands is such a fascinating performer.

Put that all together on stage and you have a gig that would have been too short if it had lasted all night. The crowd certainly could have watched and listened to that perfect combination all night.

All too soon it was show closers Come On Eileen and an extended This Is What She’s Like before the band left the stage to thunderous applause.

Whilst the memories of other gigs may fade with time this is an evening that will stay with me for a lot longer than most.

A perfect night of songs old and new.