Borders bookstore was a beloved destination for many locals, known for its wide selection of books, comfortable atmosphere,

Over the years Bournemouth Borders hosted many celebrity book signings and appearances, bringing in famous faces like Jacqueline Wilson, Sir David Attenborough, and even reality TV stars.

Bournemouth Echo: B Ball phot PT 22 9 2004 Alan Ball at Borders Bookshop.

Unfortunately, the Borders chain faced financial difficulties and in December 2009, after nine years of serving the Bournemouth community, the store closed its doors.

The closing down sale brought bittersweet memories for book lovers, with significant discounts on remaining stock.

Today, a Tesco Metro occupies the former location on Bourne Avenue.

Bournemouth Echo: Pix Corin Messer - 17/09/08 - bmartin1 
Martin Clunes signs copies of his book at Borders in Bournemouth Town Centre. 

The Borders bookstore is remembered fondly by many residents, and articles with pictures serve as a reminder of this once-prominent destination for bookworms.

These pictures show just a few of the famous faces to have taken part in book signings at the former store. More to come on soon!