A WOMAN has kickstarted a tattoo business at 22-years-old, aiming to support clients with their mental health.

Caitlin Batcheldor has been inundated with requests after launching her tattoo studio, Asylum Artistry, in Ringwood Road, Bournemouth.

The young tattooist said she has always loved art and started her business by selling drawings.

Bournemouth Echo: Caitlin Batcheldor

“I’ve had that name [Asylum Artistry] for as long as I can remember because I started selling my artwork and doing commissions,” said Caitlin.

She added: “My artwork is a bit disturbed, I like the horror and the creepy stuff.

“That’s why I call it art for the insane.”

Bournemouth Echo: Caitlin's work at Asylum Artistry

Despite being a horror fanatic, Caitlin said there is not a big clientele for that kind of art and offers a “bit of everything”.

“Asylum Artistry represents uneasy art and emotional artwork.”

Since opening her studio at the end of April 2024, Caitlin had the “very special occasion” of tattooing a woman battling cancer.

Bournemouth Echo: Client getting tattoo with family

“The woman holding the flowers was battling cancer, and her family surprised her on the day of the tattoo with all getting the same tattoo with her.

“They all say, ‘rebellious hope’ in aid of her battling cancer, it was an honour for them to ask me to do this tattoo for them.”

Bournemouth Echo:

Caitlin said her own physical and mental health kickstarted her passion for art and enjoys helping her clients convey their story.

She said: “It's nice being able to design them something that makes them feel stronger about themselves.”

Caitlin suffers with ulcerative colitis, a condition affecting her digestive system, which can become debilitating when it flares up.

She added that being her own boss helps her handle her condition by choosing her own hours.

Bournemouth Echo: Asylum Artistry studio

To celebrate her opening, Caitlin was offering bottomless tattoos which proved a huge success.

She said: “I got a little bit emotional because I just couldn't believe how much positive support I was getting.

“It was overwhelming and really, really nice.”

Caitlin is next hoping to train in scar pigmentation to help clients with their confidence.

She is also looking to certify in semi-permanent make-up as well as launch her own art merchandise in the future.