I WOULD like to ask which thoughtless, uncaring individual from Dorset Council decided that the wonderful display of red poppies, which were a sight to behold, at Parley Cross roads had to be cut down.

We so enjoyed seeing them last week and returned today, in order that I might take a photograph of them to put in my window on 6th June, only to find the whole lot had been mowed down.

What a dreadful shame. It wasn't just one or two poppies which had self seeded into the verge but a whole bed full of beautiful deep red poppies.

Surely that one stretch of verge could have been left uncut.

The poppies would have been flowering for some time to come, and would have cheered up many who passed them and for others it would have proved a thoughtful reminder of the special day in a few days time remembering the lives lost at the D Day landings.

I'm sad and disgusted.

Annie Chambers,

Cromwell Road