ONE would hope that local authorities would learn from mistakes made elsewhere and stop inflicting policies that do not work and cause damage to public services and the local economy.

These are the words of the leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt in response to the ongoing intention by the council to impose a blanket 20 mph speed limit in the BCP area despite a large majority 82 per cent of the local population being against the idea.

Tobias Ellwood raised this issue in the House of Commons and you would hope that the elected members would take note and drop the idea but don’t hold your breath.

Rightly or wrongly I have the impression that certain councillors who hold office and are mentioned in dispatch every time there are proposals that impact on the transport system in the borough come from the anti motorist school and show very little support for the car drivers.

I read the names Millie Earl and Andy Hadley who only seem to have one agenda and continue to repeat unproven figures in support of their own agenda despite it not being supported by the public.

The favourite quoted yet again by Ms Earl is the 97.5 per cent survival if you are hit at 20mph rather than 80 per cent if hit at 30mph.

The closure of the road through Poole Park is another example of ignoring the majority views of the local people not to mention the invasion of the cycle lanes which despite the modest improvement in the weather continue to be deserted yet even more are being built right now.

When some months ago the intention to impose the 20mph was floated the most telling comment came from the police who said that they do not have the resource to impose and prosecute motorists exceeding the limit so surely that in itself is good reason to bin the whole idea but even with the strong words from the leader of the House of Commons I fear that these councillors will continue to impose their own agenda and ignore the views of the large majority.

Alan Burden

Catalina Drive,