WITH regard to the possible strike by our bin men, I would just like to say how much respect I have for these men - they work their socks off in all weathers and at all times of year, whether in the dark or daylight - and at tremendous speed - often on the run - and still remain cheerful and pleasant.

I can quite understand their need to know how something will affect them personally before they vote on accepting a proposal. Surely, no matter what we do, this is a necessity before a sensible decision can be made in any vote affecting our work.

In the words of BCP Council's chief executive as mentioned by the Echo reporter "The council continues to strive to implement a fair and transparent grading process..........."

It seems to me that all these workers want to know comes under the word "transparent" in this quote.

Good luck to them - they are decent hard working people.

Mary Hurst

Uplands Road,