A GAME that gives Wetherspoon burger meals to homeless charities is set to come to Bournemouth.

Wetherspoons the Game sees members post their pub and table number in a Facebook group for strangers to send them food and drink.

Group founder Chris Illman uses the game to travel around the country donating food to help feed the homeless.

He posts the ‘Spoons pub and his table number into the group for people to order burger meals for him through the pub chain’s app.

At each pub, it is a game to see how long it takes to get 300 meals to the table.

These meals are then distributed to local charities that help feed the homeless.

Chris will be coming to the Mary Shelley in Bournemouth town centre on June 2, with the game beginning at 6pm.

Bournemouth has 15 minutes and 53 seconds to beat, which Chris said happened in Norwich.

The event will be supporting three local charities, which are Routes to Roots, St Mungos and Hope for Food.

Chris started the game in 2018, starting the Facebook group for members to post their own tables and get strangers to send them food and drink, provided you promise to do the same.

Now, the Facebook group has soared to nearly 700,000 members, with members regularly posting their nights out.

Members must be over 18 to play, with them required to upload a picture of the group of people taking part in the game in their post.

There must not be any orders like fried eggs or portions of peas, and everyone must be polite, saying ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, with trolls banned instantly.

Players are at the mercy of what group members will send them, but they must drink responsibly – when they’ve had enough, they must say, or the group moderators will do it for them.

For more information on the game, search Wetherspoons the Game on Facebook or by visiting SpoonsTheGame.com.