WESSEX Fields is an area of land on the right as you leave Bournemouth on the Wessex Way, situated behind Bournemouth Hospital.

It is perfect for a park and ride, being at the entrance to Bournemouth and also unsuitable for building as it is in a flood plain.

According to press reports, some sort of deal is being considered for BCP Council to unload this piece of land onto the NHS for building. NHS money should be for treating patients, not plugging a hole in BCP Council's budget by creating work for the building industry.

At a time when we are desperately in need of clearing BCP's clogged and dangerous roads of congestion and pollution, throwing away the chance to finally catch up with Winchester and Salisbury by providing a park and ride for visitors is simply unforgivable.

As for providing housing for hospital staff, who wants to live in a flood plain?

Trying to persuade staff or an NHS body to invest their hard earned wages in property which will flood, is again simply not acceptable. And expecting an NHS body to build a road is again, not what the NHS was set up for. It was set up to treat patients, not have funding diverted into risky building projects.

Susan Stockwell

Britannia Road,