A PUB has announced its closure six months after it was reopened under new management.

The White Heather pub in Ringwood Road, Ferndown, has been forced to close, shutting its doors on May 11. 

Owners of the pub Jay and Rowena Jones said on Facebook they were 'gutted' they have had to shut the pub but said they hope to be back in the area soon. 

The couple said: "We are gutted and it's been emotional but it's just not possible for us to keep it going.

"We have tried and done the best we can but unfortunately we just can't seem to make it work financially anymore.

"Luckily as we have this amazing country band on tonight it makes a good last evening so I hope u all come down even if it's just for one."

The Blue Collar Country Band played the pub on its final night.

As previously reported, the watering hole had hoped to become the new community pub following the closure of The Nightjar in September 2023. 

Finding teething issues with fighting in its first few weeks, the new management worked hard to make the pub into a family-friendly environment, investing in a new pool table and beginning to offer food.

Despite closing its doors on May 10, The White Heather reopened the following week to sell stock, rebranding as a 'café' for a short period of time.

The couple said: "We will close this weekend, but we do intend to reopen for the mornings/lunchtimes from Monday next week for breakfasts and to sell the remaining drink stocks we have, so treat it more as a licenced (sic) café with limited stock from next week and come in for a coffee and a breakfast whilst you still can.

"Thanks to everyone for the support you have given us and watch out as Jay and I don't ever leave anything without a backup plan so we will see you all again soon."

Many have taken to Facebook to share their upset that the pub is closing,

Jay and Rowena also own The Albion Inn in Verwood which remains popular in the area.