THE decision to build a drive-through off a busy road in Christchurch has left people ‘completely outraged.’  

Residents were hit with the ‘shocking’ news that Richard Carr’s company Fortitudo has planning permission to build a drive through restaurant at Barrack Road.

The Daily Echo spoke to people who live near the land on the ‘advertising corner’ at Jumpers Roundabout on Barrack Road to find out what they think about the decision.

Hazel Dudley has lived on Mandeville Road for the last eleven years and was ‘livid’ to learn that the application was approved.

Bournemouth Echo: Hazel Dudley

She said: “It is totally outrageous. We are all against it; the councillors are against it and there has been a petition with over 500 signatures and somehow it still went through.

“I can’t think of a single reason except greed.

“This monstrosity at the end of our quiet road will cause traffic mayhem, not to mention the environmental impacts.”

Residents feared the drive-through would lead to litter being dropped in the area. They said people often bring fast food to the river and do not put their litter in the bin.

Mr Williams also lives on Mandeville Road, he said: “My family moved to Christchurch from London to escape the traffic.

“There is already so much traffic on Barrack Road, putting yet another fast-food restaurant on the road is madness.

“It is actually busier here than it was when we lived in London, and we are considering moving house if the traffic gets any worse, which it inevitably will.”

Andrew Jolly lives off Barack Road, he said: “We already live off one of the busiest roads in the south and to add another crossing is going to block traffic further.

“Lorries loading and offloading will add to the congestion. It will cause traffic chaos, danger to pedestrians, cyclists, and litter.”

Christchurch Independents councillor Margaret Phipps said there was huge local opposition to building the drive-through, but ‘this is now a win for a developer who pays no heed to local opinion.

Bournemouth Echo: Cllr Margaret Phipps

 Cllr Phipps added: “This is a loss for neighbourhoods and communities who should have a say in what is allowed in their area.”