The SWAN Inn on Poole Quay has opened its doors after it was left abandoned for 14 years. 

A former popular pub, The Swan Inn, has opened its doors under new management after it was closed 14 years ago. 

Last occupied by an Enid Blyton-inspired 'Ginger Pop Shop', new owners Dip Sukhadiya, 42, and Priti Sukhadiya, 40, have revived the pub to its old glory, renovating it completely while also putting an ice cream store on the side for hot summer days.

Dip said: "We took over the business six months ago so it's been tough work because it's an old building so the inside needed refitting and we have been restricted as it's a listed building so we've had a lot of trouble in terms of premises."

Dip and Priti have worked hard to give the pub a modern feeling while keeping its history which includes a wall of photos of the building in the past. 

Plans had created some controversy after the pub was approved to stay open until 3am on Friday and Saturday but the owners have stated they have no plans to hold late-night parties. 

Priti said: "We don't have any plans for a DJ night or anything, for now, we're just having live music once a week with plans for a curry night as well. 

"Everybody wants to come to the pub because they have good memories of it and want to return. Local people have supported us and many have come in and said they love it and that it brings back memories. 

"They really want to see this place alive again because it's been closed for 14 years. Someone said they had their first drink here when they were 18 and now they're 70 so it's been lovely to hear those moments."

Alongside the pub, Dip and Priti have also opened a bubble tea and ice cream store connected to the building which they have stated children love. 

The Dolphin Marching Band helped commemorate the opening.