WITH the implementation of another tax during a financial crisis this is only going to give people more of a reason to not stay in the area. Whilst this appears to be marketed towards the hotels they won’t see any of the money.

The council has further proved in the last five years that they don’t care for the state of Bournemouth. Where is the help for local stores. You can make the roads look pretty but it won’t do anything if all the stores are closed. Let alone the look of the rampant homeless and drug usage in the main square and beyond.

The article also claims that it will be used to fund events such as the air festival, which the council has already announced that it is reducing the funding for. Down from £200m to £100m in 2024 and down to £50m in 2025. Expecting private financiers and companies to pay for it. So where is the tax money really going? Do we really need more cycle paths and unnecessary roadworks that seem to bring the average mph of the area down to 20mph…

If the council really wanted to improve Bournemouth the money should be used to promote small and local businesses and bring the high street back to its former glory.

More people in the summer visiting more shops that can afford to stay open.

Daniel Pride