THANKS have been issued to patients in Dorset who treat NHS staff with kindness and respect.

NHS Dorset has taken the opportunity during Mental Health Awareness Week to thank those who are showing respect to health and care staff across the region.

“Kind words, respectful interactions and patience from patients goes a long way to increasing staff wellbeing”, said Alex Kimber, practice manager at The Grove Medical Centre in Sherborne.

She added: “General practice can be a challenging work environment.

“Unfortunately, instances of verbal abuse and disrespectful behaviour towards our receptionists, our nurses, our doctors, still does happen too often, impacting on their mental health and homelife too.

“When patients take the time to leave nice feedback it makes a big difference. Thank you.”

Patients are encouraged to raise any grievances with their general practice via the official feedback routes.

Ian Gall, patient and public lead for the General Practice Alliance, said: “If you have received great care from your general practice, tell them.

“Have a positive impact on someone’s mental health today and help your NHS to stay strong too. By being kind and respectful to our staff, you keep people wanting to work in general practice, and across the whole of the NHS in Dorset.

Fiona Arnold, community pharmacy clinical lead at NHS Dorset, said this sentiment extends to pharmacy staff too.

She said: “When people take the time to show kindness and patience, we know that this helps our community pharmacy staff feel valued in their vital roles.”