POWERS to remove drunk people from certain areas of the conurbation are expected to be extended for another three years. 

An alcohol public space protection order (PSPO) was established by BCP Council in 2021 in response to a public consultation. 

Covering 29 of the 33 wards, it gives the police and community safety officers powers to remove alcohol from anyone behaving anti-socially. 

If alcohol is confiscated, it can then be thrown away and the person who had it could be banned from the area for up to two days.

Bournemouth Echo:

Senior council officers Sophie Sajic, head of public protection, and Julia Howlett, anti-social behaviour manager, have recommended to cabinet to extend the PSPO. 

It is due to expire at the end of June. 

In Miss Sajic and Howlett’s report, the office for the police and crime commissioner said the PSPO falls in line with David Sidwick’s police and crime plan. 

It said: “The PSPO remains to be a positive impact for BCP and therefore the PCC continues to support this.” 

Meanwhile, ahead of the report, a consultation was held by the council asking residents for feedback, with 221 people taking part. 

The feedback said: “Most respondents said they considered drinking alcohol to be a problem within the public areas defined by the PSPO map and that they felt alcohol related ASB had a negative effect on the local area due to intimidating behaviour, littering and also had a negative effect on the local economy including shops, restaurants and tourism. 

“The chief constable [Amanda Pearson] was consulted, although no formal response was received it has been indicated that Dorset Police are supportive of the PSPO being extended.” 

The PSPO covers everywhere in the three towns apart from Broadstone, Bearwood and Merley, the Christchurch Commons ward, Highcliffe and Walkford because there is “insufficient evidence” to meet the threshold to have a PSPO. 

The local authority has said this is not an alcohol ban for public paces and it does not make it an offence to drink alcohol in the large area covered by the order. 

If backed by councillors, the PSPO will come into force on July 1 and it will be reviewed after three years.