DORSET Police and Bournemouth School for Girls have warned parents after a suspicious man offered a child a lift to school. 

Deputy Headmaster of Bournemouth School for Girls, Anna Collins, has warned parents and children to not take offers from strangers after an incident in which a pupil was offered a lift to school by a suspicious man. 

The incident happened at about 8 am on May 7 in which a man aged between 40-50 was seen acting suspiciously on Sandford Road, Sandford, with one child reported to have felt very uncomfortable as they walked past him.

The same man was reported to have attempted to offer another child a lift to school.

Anna said: "Dorset Police have asked that we remind parents and children of the need to reiterate stranger danger advice, and safety considerations if walking alone, and, when out with their friends in the local community.

"We have also been asked to remind everyone that if they witness anything of concern to notify the police as soon as possible. "

A spokesperson for Dorset Police said: "An incident was reported to Dorset Police last week that took place in Sandford, near Wareham, at about 8.10 am on Tuesday 7th May 2024.

"It was reported that a man aged between 40 -50, was seen acting very suspiciously on Sandford Road. One child reported feeling very uncomfortable as they walked past this man. The same man is reported to have attempted to offer another child a lift to school as they walked past him.

"Both children ignored this man and ran to safety, reporting the incidents to the police. No child was physically harmed but were frightened by the incidents. The local neighbourhood policing team are aware, and officers are liaising with the children and their families.

"Dorset Police continue to carry out their enquiries into the incident, including a review of CCTV footage in the area. They are working to establish the full circumstances of the incident and to identify the man involved."