MUTILATED deer have been left on display around the New Forest

The dead mammals have been left “on public display” around Burley, near Ringwood. 

Multiple residents have been reporting it to Hampshire Police and in response, officers have been carrying out “high visibility patrols”. 

Enquiries are ongoing, a spokesman said, adding: “Please contact Ringwood police if you have any information that may assist.” 

Although some species of deer are protected, it is not illegal to kill them. It is only illegal to hunt for deer on land without permission from the landowner, kill them with spears, poisons or drugs. 

Bournemouth Echo: Roe buck deerRoe buck deer (Image: Muriel Tomlinson, camera club member)

You also cannot hunt wild deer during their closed season or at night, unless you have a licence to, or the deer are damaging your land. 

Culling the deer population is acceptable but must be done in a humane, responsible and sensitive manner. 

Overpopulation of deer is a problem, the general belief in the countryside is, because they damage the flora in woodlands, eat young saplings, compete with other mammals for space and eat farmers' crops. 

Hampshire Police has been approached for more details on the mutilated deer found in Burley.