LABOUR has announced its candidate for Poole ahead of the general election expected later this year. 

Trade union worker Neil Duncan-Jordan will stand for the party against current Conservative MP Sir Robert Syms. 

The son of East End parents, Neil has lived in Poole for more than 20 years and works as a regional official for UNISON to represent nurses, teaching assistants, cleaners and binmen. 

“It's a real privilege to stand and offer residents a chance to vote for a candidate who can speak up for Poole on the things that matter, like the NHS, housing and the cost of living crisis,” he said. 

Bournemouth Echo: Neil Duncan-Jordan will stand for Labour in Poole

"The Conservatives have run out of ideas, they've battered the economy and we're all now paying more. 

“They don't deserve another five years to mess things up again. They've had their chance. Now it's time for Labour."

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As part of his campaign, Neil said he will be writing to the other parties seeking an agreement on the use of statistics and data to ensure that only accurate information appears on leaflets and in social media. 

"Too often there have been dodgy looking charts and graphs giving a completely false impression of voting intentions,” he added. 

Bournemouth Echo: Neil will stand against Tory Sir Robert SymsNeil will stand against Tory Sir Robert Syms (Image: Daily Echo)

“I won't do that and I'll be asking the other candidates to do the same. Politics is about choices, but those choices should be based on facts, not lies and fake news. 

"When I speak to local residents they say they feel let down by the creation of BCP Council, because the needs of Poole are not being heard.  

“The civic centre has been closed and is about to be sold off, the high street desperately needs revitalising and our town needs real investment to ensure Poole still has a beating heart. 

“The recent BCP Conservative council has wasted money, just like their friends in Westminster, and now we’re all paying the price. Poole needs an MP who will put Poole families first." 

YouGov’s latest poll in April predicts the Tories (predicted at 34 per cent of the vote) will hold on to Poole by just three per cent. The Lib Dems, who have put up Oliver Walters, are expected to have just 12 per cent. 

But Neil is insisting every vote could make a difference in Poole: "The polls show that this will be a close-run contest between Labour and the Conservatives, so I'm asking anyone that doesn't want to see another five years of failed Conservative policies, to think about lending me their vote.  

“Labour may not be your first choice, but it's the choice that is going to get rid of the Conservatives and give us the chance of something better."